Lockdown Adventures – US National Parks

Travel has looked a little different for all of us over the last year. With much of the world on lockdown and access to the outside world limited, I had to find new ways to satisfy my need for travel and adventure. Fortunately, my new “work from home” schedule meant that I had the freedom to get a little creative with my approach. Thus, I embarked on a three month driving tour of the western half of the United States of America. I focused my adventures on the US National Parks to take advantage of photographing some of the most beautiful land in the world, while still naturally keeping my “social distance” from others. I would end up hitting 12 National Parks, along with numerous National Monuments and State Parks on my roughly 5,000 mile journey. I can honestly say that while I can’t wait for the world to open up again, I’m grateful for this time I had to explore a little closer to home. Over my next few posts, I will detail my journey, experiences and photography adventures at each of the National Parks. I hope you will find these thoughts and tips helpful as you embark on your own National Park adventure.

Travel Tip: I highly recommend that anyone who wants to visit more than a few National Parks in a year get an America the Beautiful pass. The pass includes entrance to all National Parks and Federal Recreation lands (over 2,000 sites) for up to 4 adults in a single vehicle. I was able to use it throughout my entire trip and am now a loyal subscriber! These passes can be easily purchased upon arrival at most entrance stations in the National Parks for $80/year.

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